Hydrojac’s scope of work aims to fulfill all the water treatment needs of all companies. We design equipment, provide water treatment units, and supply companies with all the equipment they may need.

Water Treatment

Hydro-s 101’s boiler composition can be used in high- and low-pressure boilers, whether they are fire-tube or water-tube boilers, steam generators or others. To prevent scale and corrosion and to secure the production of 100% neutral clean steam.

Hydro-S 102 chemicals are a scale inhibitors with a high dispersive capacity for cooling water and process water systems and effectively controls microorganisms (bacteria, algae and fungi) and excellent prevention effect against slime forming bacteria in industrial recirculating water systems

Water Treatment Units

Reverse Osmosis Unit (RO)

is used for production of demineralized water without the use of chemicals. Furthermore, RO units remove pyrogens and microorganisms as well as up to 90% of the organic substances.


is used for the removal of hardness-causing calcium and magnesium minerals from water through a process called ion exchange

Carbon Filter

is used for the removal of chlorine, particles such as sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor

Sand Filter

is used for the removal of suspended matter, as well as floating and sinkable particles

Birm Filter

is used for the reduction of the dissolved iron and manganese

Dosing Pumps

chemical dosing pumps with different flow rates and pressure: Aqua, Antech, Etatron, etc.

Analysis Devices

instrumentation and analysis devices for the boilers and softeners

Equipment Design And Manufacturing

Manufacturing and supplying of water tanks “mold steal, stainless steel”

Manufacturing and supplying of blowdown tanks

Manufacturing and supplying of energy economizers

Supply Of Equipment And Rehabilitation


– Supply and installation of new steam and oil boilers: German, Turkish, Chinese, etc.

– Supply and rehabilitate used boilers


– Supply of feed pumps: vertical and horizontal pumps: Grandfos, etc.

– Rehabilitate used feed pumps

Boilers’ burners

– Supply of new and used natural gas, diesel, and dual fuel and rehabilitation

Boilers’ Electrical and Mechanical Spare Parts

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